Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week of 10Mile race

Mon July 27
10 miles, 69min, Belvadaire, hilly, felt abs. tired, hot and humid

Tue July 28
Yankee 10-Mile Race, 51.30,3rd, (13miles total) Newburyport, felt ok

Wed July 29
AM 5 miles, 37min, drills, d'town Lowell, got lost on way back
PM 10 miles, 68 min, Chelmsford, tired, humid and hot

Thu July 30
14 miles, 1:41min, Newburyport, good rolling hills, Newburyport woods, felt ok

Fri July 31
10 miles, 66min, Hudson, out in 35 back in 31. felt strong, mid 5:20s on way back

Sat Aug 1
12 miles, 1:20min, Brookline, felt really good again but took it easy

Sun Aug 2
17 miles, 1:53min, Jamaica Plain, tough run, dead tired, last mile uphill 5:53

=91 miles

Tough week, no workouts, 1 double, 1 good race. Very happy with the race considering I don't feel fresh at all. I probably should have done more strides/drills this week, but instead I spent the majority of the time stretching my legs. Next week I will try getting 1 or 2 workouts.