Saturday, July 4, 2009

John Carson race day summary

Here is a log of everything I did around race day.

Day before race
10:00pm double checked my race numbers, prepared my uniform and warm ups
10:30pm bed time, set up 2 alarms to make sure I wake up on time

Day of race
6:45am woke up slowly after hearing my first alarm, brushed teeth and drank some water
6:50am said my prayers and thanked God for allowing me to race again healthy on this day
7:00am walked outside to DD, got a multigrain bagel, a gatorade and a shot of expresso coffee
7:15am did some light dynamic and flexibility drills outside of my apartment
7:45am took a cold shower to wake my body up
8:00am got all my race stuff, triple checked my uniforms and walked out of the apartment
8:15am teammate Jeff Veiga picked me up in front of the Dunkin Donuts on University ave.
8:30am arrived at race location, chatted with Coach G and some friends
8:40am checked to make sure I knew where the starting line was
8:45am bathroom break
8:50am warmed up just over 2 miles in 18min with Jeff, Coach G and friend Wahomey
9:10am did some stretching, drills, strides and walked to the starting line of the race
9:30am race time! Finished 1st in 9:20 although stopping before the finish by accident
10:00am got some orange juice and chatted with friends, coach and teammates
10:15am awards ceremony and interviews with local newspapers and tv station
10:30am cooled down 8miles in 56 min, then did some quick stretching, drank some gatorade
12:00pm arrived back at my apartment, ate some grits, drank some coffee and showered

Pretty good day, 12 miles total, first race in 4months, first win. Enjoy your 4th of July!