Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final week before leaving for Portugal

June 29 Monday
AM 5miles,36min, drills
PM 8 miles w/ 2mile of 300hard/100easy alternations in 9:37 on track
June 30 Tuesday
12 miles, 1:27min, drills, strides
July 1 Wednesday
AM 5 miles, 36min drills
PM Workout 5x800, avr.2:17 w/ 200 rests and one 400 rest, tot.15:58 for 5k, 11 miles total
July 2 Thursday
10 miles, drills, 64min
July 3 Friday
AM 7 miles, strides, 49min
PM 5 miles, 34min
July 4 Saturday
John Carson 2-Mile Road Race (1st-9:20), 12 miles total
July 5 Sunday
17 miles, 1:50min
=92 miles total

Listed above is the last week of training before leaving to the Lusophone Games. It was good to get a win on my first race back, even if it was by the slimmest margin, a win is a win. I've lost many races by a single-second (especially to a man named Nate Jenkins), so whenever I win one, I am happy. However, I'd like to congratulate both of my teammates Greg Wilson and Jeff Veiga for getting 2n and 3rd, great efforts, especially for Greg. My legs didn't necessarily feel fresh considering I am not well rested, but that is fine, the effort in the hot sun was well worth it.