Friday, July 17, 2009

Days 5-6-7 (Tues, Wed, Thu)

Woke up at 8am to run an easy 5 mile shakeout with Lela. We then had breakfast at the hotel which was extremely good. After that we visited the famous Expo 1998, a cultural exhibition project where Portugal spent millions of dollard to build. We had to get on three subways and 1 bus just to get there, lets just say the public transportation here in Lisbon was not well designed. We had lunch there and then wacthed the Cape Verdean Judo team compete (they earned two bronze medals). When I returned to the hotel, I watched Portugal v Mozambique soccer on tv. I went for a good 10mile run that I hammered and most likely ran more than 10. My legs were too fresh from the race. I went ot the mall again with my brother and I met one of my 7th grade classmates that i had not seen or spoken to in more than 10 years. I guess that was the highlight of the day. Later at the hotel, the team and I just had our regular chat about how we can improve the sport of running in CV.

Woke up again at 8am for the morning run, except I was hurting today from the previous run. I was joined by2 time CV Olympian Nelson Cruz, Lela and a few more teammates. Nelson has been staying at his home in Lisbon. We invited him for breakfast and then spend probably 3 plus hours at the pool. I had lunch with the team, and then watched the Tour de France and a track meet on Eurosport. Eurosport is becomming my favorite channel here in Portugal. I iced my troubling shins and went for a second run, 10 miles very easy, still hurting. At 9.45pm, yes 9.45pm, a Portuguese antidoping official knocked at my door requesting a drug test, which I found to be very random. I provided A and B samples of urine to him and the did some paperwork describing all the medicines or supplements I was taking. I went out with my brother later o get some food and then it was bedtime quick.

Nothing new. Morning run again at 8am. Lela and I did our usual 5 mile loop. Had another great breakfast at the hotel. At 11am I met up with my aunt that lives in Lisbon. She took my brother and I for lunch at the section of Lisbon called Rossio, it is the center of Lisbon. There are a lot of restaurants there and workers walk around with menus begging tourists to eat lunch at their restaurants. I came back to the hotel and took my usual after noon nap while watching the Tour de France again. I was going to do a long workout today on the track but decided to settle for something easier as my legs were tired. I did 10 x 300m at 48sec each with 100m rest cover in 60 secs. I was very pleased with this workout. I did a short cool down to toal 8 miles for the afternoon. After the workout, I went to the city of Amadora to wath the CV soccer under 21 face Angola. This match was crazy! There were about at least 5 thoudand Cape Verdeans at the stands and the intensity was very high because Angola and CV are currentl leading the tournament. I finally got to see CV phenon Rody play for the first time, which was good. The game ended up being a tie 1 to 1, but the streets were socrowded it was almost as if CV won. I had dinner later in Rossio with my brother and then went to sleep.