Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 8 (Friday)

Today Lela decided to wake me up extra early. At 7.30am we were out for our usual morning 5 miler. I was feeling so so, maybe a little tired from the workout on Thursday. I made sure I did some extra stretching and dynamic drills. We had our usual breakfast at the hotel with lots of laughs and funny stories from the guys. At 11, I had an interview with Sasha Issenberg of Monocle Magazine, who is including myself in a featured story for its Aug/Sep issue.

I then took my afternoon nap, watched the Tour until my brother and my cousin, Luis Carlos, (who attends college in Portugal) come to hang out with me. They went to ther pool,m except me because it happened to be extremely windy in Lisbon today. After that we walked and found a quick bite.

At 7pm, I was joined by Antonio Zaferino, Cape Verde´s first ever olympian. He has participaed in 4 Olympic games and 15 world championships events. We ran 10 miles at a casual pace, 70min. We talked a lot about the negatives and positives of the CV athletics. He also shared his views and ideas on different issues affecting the development of the sport there. He was honest and straighforward on my possibilities of representing CV at future international competitions such as Lusophone games (2013 in India, 2017 in Brasil) and hopefully the Olympic games.

I had dinner with some CV teammates and took some pictures with the dinner ladies. By the time I returned to the hotel I was too tired to do anything but sleep.