Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 4 (Monday) 1500m race day

Today I made sure not to miss breakfast at the hotel. I had some good waffles, fruits, yogurt and some delicious capuccino. We had a quick team meeting to go over some plans. I met Rosa Mota (Olympic gold medalist) on my way to the meeting and the team took some pictures with her. We had lunch about 2pm. From 2 to 4pm, I stayed in my room relaxing and getting my mind ready for the race. At 5pm, we took some race pictures in front of the hotel Lobby. At 6pm, we headed to the track. My race was scheduled for 745pm. I did my usual routine about 50 to 60 min before the race, which included a 16min warm up, some dynamic and static stretching. The meet was being run under all IAAF guidelines. The meet had a warm up track that was connected to the competition track by a tunnel. We were called to check in 20min before the race, where they had to go through all my stuff for safety reasons. We then were assigned a staff member to watch over all our stuff. The meet was very well organized and we took off at the exact planned time.

Gun went off! False start. The entire field was charged with a yello card. The next person to false start would be disqualified. The, gun off again, this time everyone was right on with the start. I sprinted as fast as I could to try getting position. I slowly tucked in lane one around 7th place. There was a whole lot of pushing and I got spiked on my right leg. Then I tried to execute my race plan, which was to put myself in contention for a medal. I took the lead at 700m and we came through the first half in a slowish to 2min 8 sec. I stayed in the lead until the last lap, until the 3:39 runner from Sri Lanka came around me. I was going all out at this point. Two Brasil runners and 2 Portuguese runners passed me as well. I closed in my last lap in 60, but they closed in 53-54 and I just could not keep up with their speed.

Overall I was ok with my race. Considering the state of my current fitness and the cirsumstances I have been faced with, I put a good effort in finishing 3min55sec, meaning I ran my last 800 in about 2:03. I will now run the 10k on Sunday. See you all next time.