Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 2 (Saturday) Opening Ceremonies

One thing you guys should know is that CV athletes all have good sense of humor. They make jokes all the time and laugh, but they definately make me feel at home as they are very welcoming. I already have some strong friendships built here. I overslept today and missed breakfast which was from 7 to 930. After hearing people knocking at my door, I woke up half a sleep and the entire team was there. They were worried about me since I don't have a roommate. They said they were calling me for breakfast earlier but I didn't answer because I was sleeping. So fast forwarding, I walked around the city and then had a 5mile morning run at about 11am. I did some drills afterwards as well. I was really happy that actually found a 3km loop that goes around the University of Lisbon athletics field that I was able to use. It is soft for running in some parts and I will nto get hit by a car. I had lunch with the team at 2pm and then everyone gathered to watch the CVxPortugal soccer under 21 soccer game, where CV defeated Portugal 1 to 0 and it was live on national TV here. That was great! the team practiced again at 6pm. I was able to run 8 miles at a moderate pace with my teammate Adilson, who is the CV national champ at 10km. The other guys ran a little less and went to the track to do some drills. After practice, we rushed to the hotel to shower, get our brand new team warm ups, then headed to the Atlantic Pavillion for the opening ceremonies. At the opening ceremonies, I met the rest of all the CV teams including some of my hometown friends who were playing for the soccer team. We took lots of pictures that I will later try to put on here. The ceremonies were live on RTP as well. It was a beautiful Olympic style celebration. As the teams came into the pavilion, there were large CV emmigrant crowds cheering us on. The torch was carried out by 2008 Olympic CV tripel jumper Nelson Evora who competes for Portugal. When we returned to the hotel, the dinning halls were closed, so we waited around for a while and then headed to a nearby restaurant called Sete Mares (Seven Seas). We came back to the hotel, absolutely tired like usual. My ID scanner at my door ran out of batteries, so I had to call a technician to fix it. After that, I went to sleep.