Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 1 (Friday) Travel

Greeting everyone! Sorry for the late posts, I am stealing internet time from one of my teammates because I still haven't figured out the internet in my room. My flight left Boston at 530pm on Thursday to Philadelphia, where I connected to a straight flight to Lisbon. I arrived at Lisbon at 830pm LT on Friday. The total flight was a little over 10 hours.As I was landing I noticed Estadio da Luz, where my favorite soccer team plays, Benfica. Took a bout an hour to get by the Boarder patrol because of the long lines. I was welcomed by some Games staff at the airport and left with the Guinea Equatorial team in a Bus to the Marriott hotel, next to the University of Lisbon. I unpacked and went for a run around the hotel at about 1130pm. I noticed it probably was the worst idea to run on the streets of Lisbon'lets just say the drivers here are nto as nice as in US. Seems like the streets are formula 1 racing tracks and if you are not on the side walk, then you better run quick! I got back from the hotel and my brother came to see me (he's been here since July 6th). We did a little groceries shopping and went to Lisbon's biggest mall, Colombo. When I came back to the hotel, the CV track team stil hadn't arrived from their flight. I went for a second run at about 5pm. On my way to the track, I met the 2004 Athens Silver Medalist in the 100m, Francis Obikwelu and chatted with him and his coach. I did a quick prep workout for the 1500m. At the track, which was crowded with Brazilian runners, I did 2x600 and 4x300. On the way back to the hotel, the CV track team was arriving. I finally didn't feel alone. I was able to greet some of them I already knew and I got to meet new members. We had dinner at the cafetaria with all the other teams there. Later I took a 1 hour nap because I was very tired, went to the mall again to try figuring out the phone system here (my phones doesn't work here). I went to bed very tired, probably because I didn't sleep much on the plane and there is a 5 hour time difference from here to Boston.