Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in the States

I finally just arrived at my house in Boston. It took me a total of 20 hours from the time I left the hotel lobby to the time I entered my house. I went from Lisbon to Brussels (2 hour flight), Brussels to Philadelphia (8.5 hours) and Philadelphia to Boston (1 hour) plus all the extra waiting in the airport. I missed my flight in Philly becauseof a delay in Brussels. I was sprinting left and right in the Philly airport. The US Airways lady said I'm not fast enough because I missed my flight! Anyway, I was given another ticket and had to wait a little more in Boston for my bags to arrive as they came seperate.

So I am guessing this is now my last post. I would like to thank everyone who read the posts and supported me during my training leading up to the Lusophone Games. From coaches, teammates, friends, coworkers, family and the entire UML and CV community. My blog receieved a total of 427 views from 18 different US states, 45 different cities in Massachusetts and 10 different countries including US, Belgium, Portugal, Cape Verde, Norway, South Africa, Japan, Canada, Ireland and even United Kingdom in just 1 week!

For those who wish to keep track of my progress, keep visiting the blog at I will continue to have all my training and racing updates there. I have a ton of pictures from Lisbon that I will have to put on here as well.
Again thank you.

Big thanks to my uncle, Franciscon "Tio Chiquim" Evora, in Belgium for leaving me inspiring messages on my cell phone.