Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Mile Race Results

I finished 3rd in 51:30 behind Pat Tarpy(51:05) and Derese Deniboba (51:22), who both have PRs of 1:03 and 1:04 for the half marathon. After the 2nd mile, both runners put about a 100m gap on me that I was not able to close. I was stuck in no mans land where I didn't have anyone to help me get back up to the front. Howeveer, I hung in there strong and was able to start closing. I am still happy with the time. Not bad for my first race over 6 miles. I think I can do a lot better if I actually start training for the longer races, which I am really not doing right now. The goal of these races are to help get my strength back up, so far I am pleased.

Race Results:(here)
Race Photos Provided by Jim Rhoades, Ted Tyler, Bob Wiles and Tom Derderian