Friday, June 12, 2009

Racing in Europe soon

I have some great news. Earlier this week, I was contacted by the Cape Verdean Athletics Federation President, Antonio Ramos, asking for my availability to represent my country, Cape Verde, at the 2009 Lusophone Games in Lisbon, Portugal. The games will be run from July 11 to July 19.

A couple weeks ago if asked this, I would have said no because of my recent injuries. However, I have been blessed to be having fast recovery and a quick progression to general fitness (partly because of my ability to cross train while injured) After talking things over with my father and Coach G, I have accepted the invitation. I will be making my first international race in about exactly one month from today's date at the University of Lisbon Stadium.

Due to unexpected change in racing plans, there will be a lot of unexpected, high risk training that I will be doing in the next few weeks in preparation for Lisbon. I will be altering from "Base Building" strategy to a more "Race Fitness Building" strategy that will allow me to get in racing shape very quick. I would normally not recommend this approach, but I don't know when the next opportunity to represent my country will come - so I have to adjust things.

Like my friend Erick Tucker always says, "Trust your fitness Ruben".
I am going to trust in my 2 hour days of cross training I did while injured and I am going to trust the fitness I will gain over the next few weeks.

After all, I am as hungry as I've ever been to compete.
Let the journey begin.