Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feelin' Good in the Neighborhood

Hello everyone, it's been busy the last few days with graduation and countless awards banquet (check goriverhawks.com or uml.edu) . From the running aspect, things are going really well. I made some good progression last week that I am happy about. I also moved into my new neighborhood of Lowell and I am very excited to have a very nice set up here that will allow me to have a great summer of training.
Here is how the week flew by:

Tuesday-7 miles , 47min, drills
Wednesday- 7 miles, 48 min, drills
Thursday- 8 Miles, 57 min,drills
Friday- 8 miles, 55 min, drills
Saturday- 8 miles, 52 min
Sunday- 10 miles, 66 min
=48 miles

Last week I was a little shaky, but this week I felt awesome and for the first time did not have to even think about my injury when running. Hoping things can stay like this and Iwill slowly progress to the high intensity and high mileage mode like the old times.