Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyday is crucial

From now until the race(s) in Portugal, everything is going to be crucial. There is little time to waste and I have to trying being as efficient as possible. On Monday night I was sick and was forced to take a day off to recover, something I hate doing, but it was absolutely necessary.

Monday-AM- 5 miles,34min, drills PM-off, sick
Tuesday- off, still sick
Wednesday- 12 miles, shorthill strides, 1:14min
Thursday- AM 5 miles 34 min, drills PM 10 (10:42 last 2 miles)
Friday-12 miles, 1:13min, shorthill strides
Saturday- Davis rd 10 miles, 54:29sec (2:27sec improvement)
Sunday- 14 miles, 1:31min, Tyngsboro bridge

This was not the best training that I wanted to do this week, getting sick at the beginning of the week threw things off a little. The 10:42 last 2 mile is an in-and-out way of finishing the run on the track where I jog about half a lap and spring half a lap. I will continue to do this until I get to 9:30. The shorthill strides just happen to be so often because the street I live on is slightly uphill. One thing that I was happy about this week was the 10 miler Saturday, considering the sickness, I felt much better than last week fitness wise. Davis rd is not the flatest 10 mile in Lowell either.

For this week, I will be doing some shorthill strides as well, throw in a couple of fast pick up fartlek-like strides at the end of my runs and maybe a hard progression to test the capacity of the lungs. The week after I will be doing a 15-tempo run followed by some easy 8's. Fitness wise I will good, but the track thing can be tricky. Hopefully I get out there I cruise.

thanks for comments/questions.