Sunday, June 21, 2009

Decent week

This was a decent week of training for me. I was able to work on some long strength runs and also on my long strides. These runs teach me to work from effort rather than timing. Once I get used to putting hard efforts, times will come. I did one of my favorite t-mill runs, I call it a 7-5run, starting at 7min pace working my way down to low 5 min. It's a good strength run and also a lot of fun.

Monday-10 miles, Davis rd, 66min, shorthill strides
Tuesday- 12 miles,Davis rd, 1:16min, w/strides 2x(2-2-4)min, half recovery
Wednesday- AM 5 miles,34 min, river, drills PM 10 miles, woods, 71min
Thursday- 10 miles, t-mill, 61min, progressive: 7:13-6:53-6:39-6:27-6:15-6:03-5:52-5:42-5:33-5:07
Friday-AM 5miles, Roarke br,34min , drills PM 10 miles, 65min Davis rd
Saturday- 10 miles, Jamaica pd, 64min, w/ strides 3x(1-1-2)min, half recovery
Sunday- 15miles, t-mill, 1:39min, first 9miles @ 7:03, last 6miles @ 6:30-6:30-6:30-6:00-5:30-5:00, drills

This upcoming week should be my first test to see where my fitness is. I will be doing timed intervals, something I haven't done since late February, before the devastating accident. In addition, I will be doing the John Carson 2 mile road race in Chelmsford,MA on 4th of July as preparation for the Lusophone Games. I'm looking for any rabbits willing to take the race out in 4:25, please let me know!