Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Climbing up the mileage chart

This was a great week of training. I finally feel like I am getting becak to regular "running". Injury wise, it's completely gone (knock on wood), but it was a week that I did not have to think about it.

Tuesday- 10miles, treadmill, 64min, drills
Wednesday- 10miles, woods, 64min, drills
Thursday- 10miles, woods, 66min, strides
Friday AM- 5miles, woods, 35min, drills
Friday PM-8miles, river, 49 min
Saturday- 10miles, Davis rd, 56:56
Sunday- 12 miles, treadmill, 1:23min

Saturday's Davis road was a good effort considering we ran 30min first 5 and 26 min last five. I must say I am extremely happy with how I am progressing to regular running. I'm going to continue to slowly raise the mileage to around 100 and hold it there for a while.