Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hangin' in there

Another solid week of cross training. It's getting really difficult mentally to hop on those cardio machines twice a day almost everyday, but I'm just trying my hardest to hang in there and think of its benefits. Looking at the past few big meets, I wish I was feeling good and runnning again. So many guys who I have run with in the past are running some really good times. Makes me want to work even harder to get back. Hopefully in 3-weeks, I should start doing some easy jogging.

Here's how my week went:
Week 3: 12 hours, core work, form drills
Monday AM:30-Min Bike @ 140HR + form drills
PM:90-Min Elliptical + core, 15-Min Acqua Jog
Tuesday AM: 45-Min Acqua Jog + form drills
PM:75-Min Bike + core work
Wednesday AM: Bike 50-Min + form drills
PM:70-Min Elliptical w/ 5x2min, 5x1min @ 250SPM w/ half rest + core work
Thursday AM: 30-Min Acqua Jog
PM: 60-Min Elliptical @200SPM + core, drills, 30-Min Acqua Jog
Friday AM: 50-Min Bike + form drills
PM:60-Min Elliptical, 6x3min hard, 2 min easy,@ 250SPM + core work
Saturday:Off (recovery)
Sunday: 120-Min Elliptical w/ 10x2min @ 250SPM w/ half rest, drills

Coach G suggested that I start transitioning to someacqua jogging, so I am slowly trying to do that, but the pool here at UML has limited hours.I am a little disappointed with this week. I wanted to get in 14 hours, but only managed 12 due my leg muscles being extremely sore, in addition to spending the entire Saturday taking splits at our conference meet. I will try again this week. Hope you all have a great cinco de mayo.