Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting stronger...

Mentally I am at my strongest right now. The will power to do work is there. If I can x-train for 2 hours a day and be patient while doing it, then I can block any mental obstacle that comes my way. This was a great week for me. The combo of Bike, Elliptical and Acqua jog is making me really strong physically as well. It's pretty much rebuilding a brand new me for what is to come in the next 5 months of real training.I got in 13 hours this week, which beats my previous best by one hour.

Week 4
13 hours, core work, form drills,
Monday AM:50-Min Bike @ 140HR + form drills
PM:70-Min Acqua jog
Tuesday: off
Wednesday AM: Bike 70-Min + form drills
PM:50-Min Elliptical @ 250SPM + core work
Thursday AM: 35-Min Acqua Jog
PM: 65-Min Bike, 40-Min Acqua Jog+ core work
Friday AM: 60-Min Bike + form drills
PM:60-Min Elliptical, 4x3min hard, 2 min easy, 5x1min hard, 1 min easy @ 250SPM , drills
Saturday: Bike 135-Min, ladder fartlek 5-6-10-6-5 hard w/ 2 min easy, form drills
Sunday: 90-Min Bike, 55-Min Elliptical, form drills

It has been 5 weeks and 5 days since I stopped running. The doctors said I could start running after 6 weeks, so I might possibly start running, or should I say "joggin" soon, if I get the OK from Coach G. If I do, it will be a 50-50 mix of cross training. I can't promise you anything, but don't be surprised if you see a "3-mile-jog" on my next entry:)