Sunday, May 17, 2009

First run back

OK, that title might be misleading, but I did do some running this week. After 6 weeks completely off, Coach G and I decided I'd start adding some slow running to transition from cross training to running, all done on the treadmill. The plan is to keep doing some sort of xt on top of the running until I am feeling confortably enough to have a full running schedule.

Week 1: Transition from XT to running
8 hours XT,14 miles running
Monday AM:30-Min Bike, drills
PM:30-Min Acqua jog
Tuesday AM: 30-Min Acqua jog
PM: 90-Min Elliptical w/ 3x(1-2-3), half rest, drills, 1mile run(8min)
Wednesday AM: Bike 30-Min ,drills
PM:30-Min Bike, 1.5 mile run (12min)
Thursday AM: 60-Bike, drills, 2mile run (16 min)
Friday AM: 35-Min Elliptical, drills, 2.5mile run (20min)
PM:35-Min Acqua jog
Saturday: 60-Min Elliptical, drills, 3mile run (28min)
PM: 30Min Acqua jog
Sunday:35-Min Bike, drills, 4mile run (32min)

Whenever I am starting a new block of training, I like to set up a goal race so I have something to focus on. So here is the plan for the next 5 months:

I am going to use 2 transition weeks from XT to running, then I will have 4 weeks of ascending the mileage up to around 90's or wherever I feel most comfortable. I will stay at that mileage for another 4 weeks to give me time to add some intensity for my runs and building some endurance. After that, I will have 4-5 weeks of road training: hills, fartleks, tempos, progressions and tempos. These will give me good strength that I can pretty much race anything from mile to 10k. When that is all done, I will take another 3 weeks to introduce time intervals and time trials that will help me sharper a little. If everything goes according to plan, Coach G and I have decided to open up at the US 5k road championships in Providence on Sept 20. After that race, we will then decide what to do in terms of training/racing for the fall and winter.