Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another transition week

Nothing new this week. Just another week of transitioning from XT to running. I wish I did more XT, but it was a tough week with finals, me moving out, and the pool being closed on most days. I have decided to stay in Lowell for the summer to train with a bunch of teammates. I am very excited about that as I get to use a lot of resources around. I hope next week I can still be feeling healthy. I am feeling a little sore around the hip area after the run - not during though - not sure why. Could be related to just getting back to running or not being fully healthy. Keep the fingers crossed.

Week 2:
Transition from XT to running
2 hours XT, 42 miles running, pool closed Thu-Sun
Monday:30-Min Bike, 30-Min Aqcua jog, 6 mile t-mill run , 48min, drills
Tuesday:30-Min Acqua jog, 6mile t-mill run,45min, drills
Wednesday: 5ile t-mill run, 37min, drills
Thursday: 6 mile run on t-mill, 45 min, drills
Friday:6 mile run along river, 41min, drills
Saturday: 7 mile run woods loop, 47min, drills
Sunday: 7 mile run woods loop, 47min

For those of you who are new to my blog and missed my previous blogs, here is a story the Lowell Sun newspaper wrote about me yesterday: Here.

Have a good memorial day!