Sunday, April 19, 2009

XTing my way out of trouble

I've finally had my first x-training week under me. Back in high school when I pulled my hamstring, I was forced to be out for 2 weeks. During that time, I cross trained and was able to maintain good fitness. Two days after coming back from injury, I ran a quick 10:09 2-mile which stood as my high school PR. All this thanks to this beautiful machine here:

The elliptical has great benefits.It helps in keeping good running form by using your arms, burning more calories than other cross trainers and choosing the appropriate resistance and incline to target different muscles. What I think is most important about it is being able to set workouts that get me in the "training mood"

Phase 1:Rehab: Week 1: 8.5 hours, core work, form drills
Monday AM: 30-Min Bike @158HR + core
PM:30-Min Elliptical @ 200SPM + 30 Min Pool
Tuesday AM: 30-Min Bike + form drills
PM:60-Min Elliptical w/ 10x(1min hard @ 250SPM, 1 min easy) + core work
Wednesday: Bike 60-Min w/6x(3min hard @ 160HR, 2 min easy)
Thursday AM: 30-Min Elliptical + form drills
PM:60-Min Elliptical w/ 3x(1-2-3 hard, 1 min easy) + core
Friday AM: 30-Min Bike + form drills
PM:60-Min Elliptical, 10x1min hard, 5 min easy, from 250 to 300SPM + core
Saturday:90-Min Elliptical, ladder workout 1-2-3-4-5-7-5-4-3-2-1 hard @ 250 SPM w/30sec to 2:30sec easy + form drills

Another great benefit of the elliptical is the ability to copy every workout from fartleks to hilly runs, tempos and long runs. Next week, my goal is to get in 10 hours.