Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not returning for school next year

This week I made an important decision regarding running next year. I talked to Coach G, and I have decided not to come back to school, as I will be graduating next month. This was a really hard decision for me because I feel like I have left behind a lot of unfinished business with college running, including a lot of goals I wanted to accomplish, races I wanted to win and records I wanted to break. goes on and now I must move on to the next phase.

As of now, I will still be coached by Coach G. In addition, he will continue to be my right-arm-man guiding me to hopefully another great chapter in my running. He has taken me from being an injured 4:32 miler in high school to some things I would have never dreamed of. We have set some realistic goals for training and racing for next year that we are both very excited about. From now on my goal is to find a good running club that will help me fulfil my goals just like UML has helped me.

Regarding my cross training, this was a great week. Probably my best non-running week but still good. My goal was to get in 10 hours of cross training, instead I got in 11.5 hours thanks to my good habbit of waking up early before class to get in that extra training. I am in a good rythm now that I hope to continue. I had an x-ray on Friday to check things up. Nothing special but the doc said I should be recovering very well.

Here's how my week went:
Week 2: 11.5 hours, core work, form drills
Monday: 90-Min Bike @ 145HR
Tuesday AM: 30-Min Bike @140HR + form drills
PM:90-Min Elliptical w/ 2-2-4-2-2-4 @ 250SPM, half recovery + core work
Wednesday AM: Bike 50-Min + form drills
PM:70-Min Elliptical w/ 3x(1-2-3) @ 250SPM w/ half rest + core work
Thursday AM: 30-Min Bike + form drills
PM: 60-Min Bike @170HR+ core
Friday AM: 50-Min Bike + form drills
PM:70-Min Elliptical, 6x3min hard, 2 min easy,@ 250SPM + core work
Saturday:60-Min Bike w/ 3x(1-1-2) @ 170HR w/ half recovery + form drills
Sunday:90-Min Elliptical, 10x(1min hard @ 250-300SPM, 5 min easy) + form drills
Hope you all are enjoying the great weather!