Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MRI results are in....

So I was supposed to find out about my results on Friday. Dr.Sigma decided to instead call our team treiner, Artie, and tell him the news. While I was in the track office today Artie came in and talked to Coach G and I. The good news: my hip is fine. The bad news: my left sacrum is fractured from the impact of the fall. Dr.Sigma specifically told Artie that I am not allowed to do any running for 8 weeks. If I do, it will cause significant neurological nerve damage and the injury will get worse.

I did some research on the "sacrum", according to wiki, this bone is inserted like a wedge between the hip bone and the base of the spine. I guess the only good news, is that I didn't break my spine.

So now, my outdoor track season is officially over because I will not be able to start running until June. By that time, there won't be any races to hop in and time to get into shape is very short.

In addition, I am going to have to rethink of a lot of things here. I am a senior graduating this spring and have not raced or worked out, so there is a possibility of redshirting. However, I am not sure I will be in grad school next year. I will talk to coach about this later. Feel free to leave me with any suggestions.

Thank you.