Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Don't let what you can't do, stop you from doing what you can do"

The title of this entry is a quote I received in my email box from Dr.Pete yesterday. That's the line I will live for starting tomorrow. I have charged my ipod, scheduled my cardio and core routines that I will be doing. In the next 6 weeks, I hope to accomplish something I have not done yet in the month of April - EXERCISE. Nothing beats the feeling of getting in a good cardio workout.I am now mentally rested from the news about the injury and I am looking at the positive sides such as designong my short term and long term goals and visualising the benefits. Also, I want to thank everyone who has been very supportive. The battle starts tomorrow and I am just excited again. Wish you all a happy easter and good luck in your training as well.