Tuesday, March 31, 2009

positive news

I had an X-ray on Monday in Westford. Dr.Sigma said that there really wasn't anything that he could pinpoint from the pictures. He thinks my SI joint might be a little out of place. Today I went to Nashua, where I had an MRI performed. I will meet with Dr.Sigma on Friday to discuss the results of the test.

On another note, I saw my chiropractor yesterday, Dr.Pete, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine. He worked on me and then gave me a couple of exercises that will help strengthen some muscles around the SI joint and improve my running mechanics. I have a lot of confidence in Dr.Pete's work because he has fixed many of my past injuries. I will continue to see him until the end of the season.

Looking ahead, Coach G has also signed me up for the Penn Relays 5k also (in addition to the Mt.SAC 5k). I am going to test out my hips on Thursday with an easy solo workout. If everything goes right, I will join the team for another workout on Tuesday. If Tuesday's workout goes ok, I will try to run a decent 2 mile race at the home meet on April 11. The final goal would be to hold that same 2 mile pace for the 5k at Mt.SAC. If I can do that, I will be happy and then I will try to go for a good run at Penn. Fitness is going to come gradually as long as health is there.