•4-Time All-American at UMass Lowell in XC, 5k and 10k
•Represented Cape Verde at Olympics (5k) and World Championship (Marathon)
•Has Run times of 13:56 (5k) and 2:18 (Marathon)
•Has twice finished in top 25 at Boston Marathon (2014 and 2015)
•Specializes in designing 5k and marathon training plans

•Keep training simple and fun for the athlete
•Minimize risk of injury or any setbacks
•Provide a long term approach to fitness and wellness
•Achieve the athlete’s personal goals

•Using technology to enhance data collection from training
•Providing comprehensive analysis of weekly training
•Adapting to individual needs and lifestyles choices
•Using a “real time” and an “instant” approach to coach-athlete communication

•Weekly training plan
•Monthly training plan
•Hourly consulting


Weekly emailed training schedule to fit your needs:
 After a short consultation, we will custom a training plan that fits with your lifestyle choices. This includes: When you can train, how much time you can dedicate to training and the amount of volume and intensity you can take on. We will take a progressive approach to allow your body to fully absorb training and make improvements over time. Your suggestions and inputs are extremely important to us.

Race calendar planning and strategy: We will look at your past training/racing history and plan ahead for the next 6 months. We will make efforts to planning training and races according to your fitness level so you can produce the best results when it matters the most. If your goals are to lose weight, we will implement mini short term goals as check points in your progress.

“Instant” feedback on runs/workouts: We will be able to communicate with you on a daily basis to provide expert feedback on the progress of your training. We will set goals for your workouts, explain the purpose behind each workout and review the results with you to determine any adjustments that need to be made. This will be done via Strava and other methods of communication.

For best training communication and data collection to help us better analyze your training, we recommend that our athletes use: Garmin Connect and Strava.

In Person Coaching Disclaimer

Please understand that all coaching will be done via Google Docs training logs, Strava comments, emails and other forms of communication. Due to a high number of athletes at different locations, we are not able to be physically present at time of exercise. However, coach will make best effort for a group instruction once per week at Shedd Park in Lowell, MA. Coach may call athlete via phone for initial consultation.

Pricing Information

Contact: coaching at rubensanca dot com